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rent a campervan Midlands Quote for Harvey in August – Ref. 00Q1300001XEgVI

rent a campervan in Midlands area quotation for Harvey from Sutton Coldfield resident .

I searched for rent a campervan Midlands to find out how much it would cost in August for a large size model for 5 nights Said Harvey, a Sutton Coldfield based resident.

large size model rent a campervan Midlands

After a few of seconds, I found rent a campervan in Midlands area from a company based near Birmingham, called Midlands Motorhomes. said Harvey.

The large size model is ideal for our party of 4 people travelling in the UK for 5 nights during August. I also wanted an all inclusive rate for Unlimited Mileage, Pet Supplement, Bike Racks, Toilet Pack and TV, gas bottle, car parking.

rent a campervan Midlands is not something that I search for every day! . Harvey added.

The number of companies that I found for the search rent a campervan Midlands in the towns of either Sutton Coldfield, Wolverhampton or Birmingham was not that many and I was surprised to find Midlands Motorhomes had a depot near Birmingham for my August enquiry.

That is pretty close to my home town of Sutton Coldfield and the rate of £964.50 seems reasonable for a large size model in August, especially as the £964.50 included the Silver package which included everything that I needed.

I also searched for Midlands rent a campervan, but could not find anyone with availability, apart from Midlands Motorhomes – who had the large size available for collection on 24/08/2017 and to return on 29/08/2017. When I searched for rent a campervan Midlands. And being based in Birmingham, its not too far from Sutton Coldfield to pick up and collect! said Harvey.

Using the Google to find rent a campervan Midlands gave me the quote rate of £964.50 for 5 nights in August – which is not a bad rate when I compared it with other search results for Midlands rent a campervan. It seems that £964.50 for 5 nights hire in August is about the average rate that I would expect pay.

If you search for Midlands rent a campervan instead of rent a campervan Midlands, you get completely different results! added Harvey – I only wanted a quote for 5 nights in August for a Festival break. If there was a hire company in Sutton Coldfield or even Wolverhampton that could provide a large size model for less, I still might hire from Midlands Motorhomes.

Midlands Motorhomes seem to have the Midlands area for rent a campervan pretty much covered and being based in Birmingham, I think my rent a campervan enquiry could be fulfilled by them. said the Sutton Coldfield resident.

Harvey also said I had searched for Midlands rent a campervan because I also wanted to be sure I had insurance for 1 driver(s) which the £964.50 quote from Midlands Motorhomes also included. Being based in Sutton Coldfield, I think the Birmingham depot is convenient for me and easier to get to than Wolverhampton (During August the roads can be pretty busy in the Midlands region including Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Sutton Coldfield).

Looking for Midlands rent a campervan? Look no further than Midlands Motorhomes and collect from our new Birmingham depot for a hire starting in August. Ideal for residents in Sutton Coldfield like Harvey or the locals of Wolverhampton, Birmingham and anyone in or visiting, the Midlands region who is looking for a Festival break via rent a campervan Midlands.

Watch our Midlands Motorhomes rent a campervan video here

To check rent a campervan availability in August or any other time of year, please visit our website, or call our hire reservations team (Open 7 days per week 8am to 8pm) on 0800 612 7571.

Visit our Midlands rent a campervan depot page here:
You can book a large size model from our Midlands Motorhomes rent a campervan depot for as little as £199 deposit.
Midlands Motorhomes is a Midlands based rent a campervan company providing rent a campervan in the Midlands area, including Sutton Coldfield, Wolverhampton and Birmingham.
Telephone 0800 612 7571
Midlands Motorhomes hire quote reference 00Q1300001XEgVI

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